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4 Considerations When Purchasing an Under Vehicle Inspection Scanner

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

The development of security strategies is based on a plethora of variables that grow more and more complex each day. Consequently, many companies are considering the purchase of an under vehicle inspection system. They are not solely for the purpose of detecting or deterring threats; facilities also use them for routine inspections. Therefore, purchasing the appropriate device for your company, event center, arena, or other public space should be based on a careful risk-based analysis.  To find the best UVIS system for your business you need to consider four variables; the cost to own a system, the processing speed you require, ease and use of development, and image clarity and differentiation.

An under vehicle inspection scanner can be quite costly for the device alone; however, you will also need to factor in the cost of training, maintenance, use deployment costs, and repairs. Traditional static scanners are more fragile than the newer real-time video devices making replacement more likely and thus less cost effective. Other issues like in-ground installation vs. surface installation, as well as the environment can alter the price points for each device. Consider your specific needs, determine the best device for you, and keep your bottom line in mind.

Processing speed is an important consideration for which under vehicle inspection scanner system is the best fit for you. The period of time it will take to process and present images to your security personnel is dependent upon the device you choose. Static scanners have a lengthier process time between when the vehicle passes over the system and when security receives the image. If you have a high volume of vehicles to check quickly, this may not be the best system. With the real-time video system, the security team receives streaming video the minute the bumper passes over the system.

Image clarity and differentiation will also determine which system you need. The real-time video system offers the resolution of a high quality DVD. Static scanning technology offers higher resolution with almost no distortion. Your purpose for under carriage scanning should influence this choice.

An easy to use under vehicle inspection scanner system should have a simple and intuitive user interface, automatic motion-activated imaging, automatic silent alerts, and image controls for a more detailed analysis. Doing a thorough needs assessment, and knowing what you expect the system to do for your business will help you make the right choice.