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Since its establishment in 2004 Intelli-Scan focused on image processing based solutions for the security, loss prevention and for industrial systems. Intelli-Scan utilized its superior know-how and global presence to deliver world best under vehicle scanners and traffic inspection technology. UK based, with offices in India, Intelli-Scan ensures best delivery time and support to its customers and business partners. The company has successfully deployed projects around the world with installations in refineries, army bases, national banks, commercial companies and private institutions.

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Alternative Inspections by a UVIS

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) are used throughout a number of industries worldwide to carry out surveillance of a vehicle’s undercarriage as it passes a particular checkpoint. It operates as a hands-free system to help detect any foreign objects which may be hidden under a vehicle.

A UVIS, while suitable for cars and lorries, has further wide spread security reaches than this. It can also aid agencies in the search of gas and oil tankers and trains.

A UVIS has the ability to provide a complete top, bottom, and side scan of a gas or oil tanker and can scan a full trailer to aid an internal inspection. This scanning technique is the perfect solution for use at a refinery, fuelling station, pump station or gas reservoir. Not only does it reduce the number of guards needed at a particular check point at any given time, a return on investment can be obtained in less than 14 months. A vehicle inspection system can be used during any weather condition with complete automatic detection ability.

A tanker inspection system has such features as automatic cooling and heating, automatic lens cleaning, and can scan a limitless length of train regardless of whether the tanker meets Eastern European or Western vehicle widths.

The same application can be used on train cars to aid with detection and inspection. A train car vehicle scanner can scan a limitless length of train and features automatic cooling and heating as well as automatic lens cleaning capabilities. The scanner also supports train carriages of both Eastern European and Western widths. Such a system can save many hours of vehicle checking and reduces the number of security staff dramatically.

An under vehicle surveillance system is the future of modern security and passenger safety in non-standard vehicles. Today’s systems are designed to scan and record clear and accurate images of the entire width of a vehicle. Security personnel can be alerted of any threats or modifications in a matter of seconds. Add ons and special components ensure wide reaching capabilities for use by government, military, transportation, corporate facilities, and organizations – in fact it can be used whenever vehicle monitoring and heightened security measures need to be undertaken.