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Since its establishment in 2004 Intelli-Scan focused on image processing based solutions for the security, loss prevention and for industrial systems. Intelli-Scan utilized its superior know-how and global presence to deliver world best under vehicle scanners and traffic inspection technology. UK based, with offices in India, Intelli-Scan ensures best delivery time and support to its customers and business partners. The company has successfully deployed projects around the world with installations in refineries, army bases, national banks, commercial companies and private institutions.

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Rise of the Under Vehicle Scanning System

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

As the world continues on an unpredictable path of unrest with both the public and private sectors feeling increasingly uneasy, security strategies have increasingly included a surveillance component. Among other surveillance products, the automated under vehicle scanning system was born a little over a decade ago to meet the difficult security challenges presented by vehicle-born IEDs. Airports, border crossings, and schools, to name a few have each begun to use an under vehicle scanning system as part of a comprehensive security strategy.

Inspecting the undercarriage of vehicles is not a new concept. Security personnel traditionally used mirrors and inspection pits to look underneath vehicles and inspect for stowaways, weapons, and all types of contraband. With the advancement of technology came the evolution of undercarriage inspection. New automated under vehicle scanning systems now come in the form of either static scanners or real-time video systems.

Both of these under vehicle scanning systems provide security personnel with a more thorough and detailed look at the underside of any vehicle that passes over its imaging equipment. Once a vehicle passes over a static scanner, it takes a collection of images and compiles them together to create one complete image. This is done through a processor that produces the images in high resolution and near-perfect clarity, and then sends it to the laptop or desktop of the security personnel. The real-time video system uses several compact cameras, taking a variety of 170 degree angled view videos. These videos can be viewed by security personnel in real-time.

There is growing demand for UVIS, under vehicle inspection systems, across diverse sectors of society. An under vehicle scanning system is extremely beneficial to businesses who wants to protect their facilities, employees, and customers. Many are being deployed in public spaces such as large sporting events, political rallies, religious gatherings, and concerts to name a few. Governments and the military use UVIS for border checkpoints, airport security, and more. As demands for security continue to grow, so will this billion dollar industry.